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Educational Data Science Fellowship

As a critical member of our School Diversity team, you will be working on developing and visualizing the outputs of school redistricting algorithms designed to foster more racially and socioeconomically integrated schools across the US.  Despite nearly 70 years since legally-mandated racial integration in US schools, schools remain highly segregated due to a number of factors, adversely affecting the life outcomes of millions of children.  Our early work on this topic has used algorithms to show that it may be possible to design policies that could foster more integrated schools without significantly disrupting families’ day-to-day experiences, e.g., through longer travel times.  We have been excited to connect with school districts who wish to put this data and technology into practice to design new policies in their own districts, but now face two challenges: 1) having the technological infrastructure in place for them to build on our initial work and put it to use in a more flexible way that suits their unique needs, and 2) having robust ways for community members—especially those from traditionally underrepresented and “underheard” groups—to share their voices and views on potential policies, so that districts design and ultimately implement initiatives that reflect both what the community wants and what might advance broader social objectives.  Can we design and deploy new data-informed technologies that can help address these challenges?  This is the broad question that is currently animating us, and that we hope to explore more deeply with your help.


The successful candidate will be classified as a full-time, benefits-eligible Research Scientist at Northeastern University.  Fellowships will last for one year, with possible opportunities to extend for an additional year.  Responsibilities will include:


What you’ll get from us


Please submit your resume and a brief cover letter to  Priority consideration will be given to applications submitted by December 15th, 2023, but applicants may still apply after this date.